Sherman College Research Center
Ed Owens, MS, DC, Director

Welcome to the Sherman College research page. Our stated mission is to pursue scientific research concerning the characteristics, analysis and correction of vertebral subluxations, and the characteristics and improvement of chiropractic education. We also strive to provide research training to students and faculty, as well as opportunity for the college constituency to engage in meaningful research.

To this mission, I would like to add my personal objectives: to do good publishable work and have fun while doing it!

The Straight Chiropractic mission of Sherman College carries right through to the research in which we are engaged. We are interested in developing meaningful, objective measures of vertebral subluxation - its biomechanical and neurologic features. Our investigations into the effects of subluxation correction entail assessment of physical and mental performance in addition to physiological parameters.

Some of the special tools at our disposal are a Saccadic Fixator which is used to evaluate hand-eye coordination, and an electrocardiographic analysis of Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HRV provides information regarding the relative balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve activity and has shown to react to subluxation correction in pilot studies. You will also notice below, in the list of ongoing projects, the use of the SF-36, a questionnaire developed by the Rand Corporation, as a measure of patients' assessment of their health status.

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